Tied Tits

Masterful tied tits with rope and a chopstick finish

by on Nov.04, 2010, under Tied Tits

What a masterful piece of ropework here on these tightly tied tits, with an artful flourish with the chopsticks. Her painfully swollen nubbins securely trapped between the bamboo sticks, misbehave and those sticks will be used to painfully explore other holes in this submissive bound body. See the full ropework pictures only at Amateur Tied.

Masterful tied tits with rope and a chopstick finish

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Tied Tits Self Bondage – Lovely Puffy Nipples

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Tied Tits

A beautiful pair of tits get tied tightly some exquisite white rope in these self bondage pictures I found posted at Alt.Com by this gorgeous blond wannabe submissive. Her profile says that she is looking for new dominant partners at the moment. I have already emailed her to enquire as to whether she is available for a weekend of fun at some point in the near future but she makes it clear she doesn’t want to be exclusive to a single dominant male.  Get in touch with her and perhaps we can organise a group session with this delightful young slut hehe 🙂

tied tits with big puffy nips

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Tits Tied Shabari Style

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied Tits

Awesome amateur shabari rope bondage here as this girls entire body is tied tightly before her tiny tits were tortured by her sadistic boyfriend. Download the full set of pictures from Restrained Girls now.

tight shabari bondage

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Tits Tied Up Painfully Tight

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Tied Tits

Ouch this girls tits have been tied so tightly that they have turned red and look ready to pop! See her securely bound to her bed and tortured for free at Restrained Girls

tits tied tight

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This Slave Got Tied, Fucked And Had Her Tits Clamped

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Tied Tits

Nobody does extreme bondage sex like the guys at Disgraced18. Take this set of pictures for example, this stunning blond slut thought she would try her hand at BDSM modelling but boy was she suprised when she was taken to the garden hogtied, gagged with a homemade ballgag and then fucked hard in the mouth, ass and pussy by a robotic dildo which pounded her brutally until she screamed.


All the while her three male doms goaded and tormented her. Slapping and spanking her ass, clamping her tits and pulling hard on the bonds which tied her securely in place.  A tear rolled down her face as she began to cry as the machine fucked her harder and deeper in the ass than any man possibly could.  Hardcore Bondage sex at 400 rpm?  Ouch! Few girls have ever taken as extreme punishment as this blond is subjected too.  Who can blame her for being weak kneed by the end lol.

Download the full set of pictures and the full videos of this outdoor bondage encounter only at Disgraced 18 where you can see hundreds of women being tied, humiliated and abused by the sickest male doms in the business!

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Slave Bitch Got Her Tits Tied And Skull Fucked

by on Dec.09, 2009, under Tied Tits

Holy crap this blond slave girl got abused fucking bad when she turned up for a shoot with the fucked up crew over at Disgraced18!  They tied her up and then chained her legs open wide before two of them took it in turns to punish, fuck and generally abuse her.  Check out this crazy pic of her her gagging and choking on this thick cock as she is subjected to a brutal piledriver blowjob and teabagging combo!


Meanwhile the second Dom amused himself by fucking her tight little pussy with a pneumatic fucking machine with a huge dildo attached to it.  Her cunt had never been fucked so hard in her life im sure.  After torturing the tied up slut for over an hour they finally cut her free and she fled for the door. No doubt she cried herself to sleep that night the stupid fucking whore hehe 😉

Get over to Disgraced18 and see this fucked up shit for yourself. I’ve been a BDSM fan for years but these guys take humiliation and punishment to a whole new fucking level!

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Anonymous Submissive Had Her Tits Tied Tightly For These Pics

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied Tits

This anonymous slave had her tits tied very tightly to the point where they turned blue and her nipples threatened to pop off such was the pressure of the blood inside them! Swelling to almost twice their natural size her tiny tits look great tied up like this.  Thanks for sending the set over!


Many more amateur bondage girls are getting their tits tied up over at Amateur Tied.

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Upright Pretzel Hogtied Submissive Has Her Tits Tied Up

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied Tits

Absolutely awesome ropework skills are on display in this amateur set of bondage pics.  This hot blond wife has been made to kneel on the floor whilst her ankles and throat are tied in a pretzel variation of the classic hogtie.  Her neck is bent right back by the tight ropes around her neck whilst she has also been blindfolded and gagged by a long length of bondage tape which has been wound around her head.  The finishing touch comes when her tits are tied tightly by her master who then stood back to admire his handiwork before taking photo’s and unleashing some severe punishment on his helpless captive slave girl. Amateur BDSM doesn’t get much better than this


Download the full incredible set from this bondage couple only at Amateur Tied.

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Cute Slave Girl Gets Her Tits Tied With Duct Tape Then Gagged

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied Tits

This young submissive in training has had her tits tightly tied with duct tape. Once she has been bound her tits begin to swell and turn blue as the blood supply to them is restricted.  Helpless she has a thick duct tape gag stuck over her mouth leaving her barely able to breathe. Her master spins her around and bent her over their bed and began to beat her ass mercilessly slapping and spanking it hard until she began to cry from the pain.


See all the pics submitted by this young bondage girl and her Dom boyfriend only at Amateur Tied.

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Bound Wife Gets Her Tits Tied Tight And Wax Dripped On Them

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Tied Tits

Fitted with a heavy leather neck collar and ballgag this blindfolded wife has been bound securely has her nipples placed in crocodile clips whilst the flesh of her tits has been tied tightly with a length of white cord which is also tied around her neck and attached to the ball gag which has been forced into her mouth.  As hot wax is dripped onto her tits by her dominant husband the bound slut has been tortured and punished expertly.


You can check out all the pictures from this bondage session posted online at Amateur Tied.

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BDSM Wife Gets Tits Tied And Dildo’d

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Tied Tits

This sexy bondage loving wife has been blindfolded and strapped tight to her bed by her wrists and ankles with thick leather straps.  Her boobs have then been tied tight with thick string and then bound again with heavy elastic bands causing her tits to swell massively to the point where her nipples look like they will pop right off her swollen tits!


She was then fucked hard with a massive vibrating dildo that her master also likes to use to punish her tight asshole with when she has been exceptionally naughty! Her lingerie was almost ripped from her body as he smashed her twat faster and faster with the toy, just as she was about to cum he stopped.  Whipping out his cock he began wanking all over the tied slut wife rubbing his cock against her skin dribbling precum onto her lips and slapping her tied swollen tits with his hard on.  Then he exploded all over her bound tits and  his slave smiled as she felt his creamy jizz gushing over her highly sensitive tightly tied tits.

You can see the whole encounter over at Amateur Tied.

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Wife’s Tied Tits Turn Blue, Swell And Get Pegged

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Tied Tits

Holy crap! This wife’s tits have been tied so tight that they have turned a corpse like blue colour as the blood supply has been totally cut off.  Swollen and discoloured her nipples are then pegged hard. The pain on her face is clear as she struggles to not break down in tears.  With a final tweak of her nipple her master began to photograph his submissive wife ready to post online at Amateur Tied.


See this slave bondage wife and many more with their tits tied tight only at Amateur Tied.

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Small Tits Tied Up Tight With Shoelaces

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied Tits

Laying on her bed, wearing stockings, this blindfolded submissive slut has had her pert titties tied up with a spare set of her masters shoelaces.  Look how tight those mammaries have been tied. The right tit in particular looks like it is about to explode as the skint is stretched to its limit by the blood inside her breast. The left tit meanwhile has been tied so tightly that her flesh has puckered and creased beneath the pressure of the shoelace!


This set gets even better when the blindfolded bondage loving submissive slave takes her mans cock in her mouth and almost gags on the sheer volume of spunk that he delivers to the back of her throat. Tied tits and a fantastic blowjob? Self shot amateur bondage doesnt get much better than this!

Many more amateur couples like this are sharing their bondage exploits at Amateur Tied.

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Tiny Tits Bound In Tape

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied Tits

No elaborate rope here as this self shooting self-bondage cam whore ties her tits up tight using regular office tape.  Those tiny tits swell up nice and hard and even start to go blue lol.  Not as pretty to look at as proper rope bondage but experimentation is a good thing and being willing to share your bondage exploits is even more commendable!


Remember you can find more self shooting bondage enthusiasts over at Amateur Tied guys.

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Wife’s Big Tits Are Bound And Tied Tight

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied Tits

Maria a very hot wife is bound here by her husband Derek and his good friend Rod..  Derek says they are regular swingers and have recently begun experimenting with various fetish and bondage techniques to further spice up their love lives.  I think they have made a pretty good start on their road to perversion as these pics show.  This set begins with Maria’s hands being tied as she sits at the edge of their bed.  Derek then proceeded to wind the rope around his wife’s ample breasts and around her neck.  Pulling the slack on the rope tighter her tits begin to swell  as the blood supply is restricted.  Meanwhile Rod busied himself with the camera capturing the whole thing in photo form. Shamefully theres no videos from this session though Derek says that they plan to submit further updates on their sexual experiences in future.


You can keep up to date with Derek and Maria’s exploits and experimentation with the BDSM lifestyle over at Amateur Tied.

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Tits Tied Tight And Whipped With Stick

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied Tits

Whack! Whack! Whack!  The cane rained down upon this unfortunate bitches tits which had been tied tight with thick white rope.  6 of the best her master gave to each breast.  They welted immediately which each crack of the stick.  Gripping her hair tight he yanked her head back and spat in her face  This bitch would never look at another man again after this extreme session of amateur bondage.  Expecting only the usual rope play his submissive wife had been taken by suprise, when he produced his cane.  A little pressure from his foot on the back of the knees was all that was required to bring her to the floor and leave her prone to the punishment he was about to dole out.  Amazingly rather than be terrified this whole experience actually enamoured his lover  and they now regularly participate in harder more depraved bondage.  Who knows what their limits will be… its going to be an interesting journey finding out though i am sure.


You can follow this couples journey through the dark arts of hard bondage and BDSM only at Amateur Tied

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Fuck Slut With Tied Tits

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Tied Tits

With her tits bound painfully tightly this notepad fuck slut has been both punished and humiliated by her master in this top notch set of homemade bondage pictures.  With hands tied behind her back her tiny pert tits have been tied with rope trapping the blood inside and causing them to swell enormously. Her nipple piercings strain against the blood pressure causing them to almost explode out of her nipples!  After being used as a notepad this submissive bitch is left in no doubt as to who her Daddy is when her master takes the giant dildo that he has been smashing her snatch with out of her pussy and stuffs it deep into her mouth.   Struggling to open her jaws wide enough to take its mammoth girth this slut closes her eyes in pain and finally “taps out” begging to be released from her bonds.


See this fuck sluts tits get tied up and her pussy smashed at Amateur Tied.

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